That's Some Scary Shit

I want to take a moment and get real, raw and honest with you. Since one of the main goals I have is to live authentically (hence the name of my business, Authentic Soul Coaching), you can be sure that I'll always be honest and true to myself when writing these blogs. And that's no different for today's topic, which is: Building your own business is some scary shit. 

Photo Source: Luca Iaconelli -

Photo Source: Luca Iaconelli -

You really have to look yourself in the eye and determine what you're made of. It's one thing to sit back and dream about your own business, and maybe even draw out some plans. If you're anything like me, you probably have hundreds of pages of ideas, topics, things you want to share and ways you want to help - but until you actually put them into action, your business is just a hobby. Until you are getting paid, it's a hobby. And that, my friends, is terrifying. 

I just publicly announced last week that I'm a Life Coach. Until then, my business was just a hobby. Sure, I coached people prior to that - but it was for free, doing what I naturally do - offering a non-judgmental ear, a shoulder to cry on, the support you needed to get through whatever it was you were struggling with. Now I'm a certified coach - I have kick-ass tools and ninja coaching techniques that help you navigate your goals, to actually conquer what you want to achieve. I'm a legit business now - being my own boss, with the ability to grown my business how I want. Life is good.

But I still have fear holding me back. And I've learned to realize that's a GOOD thing! If I don't have any fear, then I'm playing too small. If I don't have fear, then I'm not doing it right. To be a business owner, you need fear - and you need to learn how to harness that fear and use it to propel you through to the other side. You've probably heard the saying, "everything you want is on the other side of fear", and when you're growing your business, that couldn't be more true.

You're fearful of whether you're making the right decisions. You're fearful that people won't like you. You're fearful that no one will buy your service or product. Fuck, we even fear people are judging us while we create free content for them about dealing with their own fear! It's all around us. And it's glorious!

Once you learn how to hone your fear, and channel it in a way that's useful to you - it's a whole new ball game! You start looking at fear in a new light - one that you embrace, instead of cower away from. Fear is a great way to overcome indecision - it essentially forces you to make a decision, one way or the other. You either stay where you are, and let your dream fade - or you decide to grow, and step into your fear, knowing you'll be better for it.

Yes, being a business owner is some scary shit - but so is the thought of never living your dream.