5 Steps to Jump-start Your Resolutions (We're Not Waiting Until January)

If you're part of our Authentic Soul Sisterhood group on Facebook, you've watched my video titled "Fuck New Year's Resolutions" (if you're NOT a member yet - what are you waiting for, jump in the group - we'd love to have you).

Why am I saying "fuck New Year's resolutions"? But they're so great - they give new opportunities! NO - I say it because WE'RE NOT WAITING UNTIL JANUARY to start working towards what we want! 

Photo by:  Nicolas Tissot

Photo by: Nicolas Tissot

I used to think January 1st represented the perfect time for a fresh start; to start over; to start something new; to quit a shitty habit; to ditch something that wasn't of value - a clean slate.

But the truth is: we can create that fresh start at any moment.

Literally. Any. Moment.

It's a choice. You simply make up your mind. And you commit to it.

So I ask you, have you been considering a New Year's resolution? 

Maybe to build your business? To feel better more often? To lose those last 10 pounds? To "get your shit together"?

I issue you a challenge to start TODAY to work towards those goals. 

We're not waiting until January to give ourselves permission for a new beginning. 

We're starting it right here. Right now.

And here's 5 steps to get you started:

  1. Take away all your distractions; shut down your computer, put your phone in another room, turn off the TV, move to a room where you're in your own space.
  2. Open your journal and write these three things; one at the top of each page, so you have a whole page to free-flow on each question:
    1. What is the most important goal I commit to, to bring more value to my life?
    2. When will I achieve this goal?
    3. How will I get myself there?
  3. When you consider the goal you are committing to, think about WHY you want to achieve this goal. What will having that outcome to for you? How will it bring value to your life? How will you know when you've accomplished it? What will be different for you? Who will be positively affected by you conquering your goal? How will you feel about yourself when you reach your goal?
  4. When you put a timeline to your goal for when to achieve it, be realistic. This is about getting curious - not placing judgement on yourself. What do you feel is a realistic timeline for you to accomplish your goal? Then, if you want to challenge yourself a little further, decide on a best case scenario timeline, that has you completing your goal ahead of your original schedule. This can provide encouragement along the way to choose whether you want to step up your game.
  5. Finally, how will you get yourself there? This step is the hardest, but it's important you don't skip it. List at least 10 ways you can contribute towards reaching your goal. If you want to get really serious with yourself, list at least 25 ways you can get yourself to where you want to be. Nothing is off limits. Don't worry about "how you'll do the how", just compile your list and let the ideas flow. This gives you a major leg up, because if you try one thing from your list and it doesn't work, you have at least nine other ways to make it happen!

Once you've finished the above activity, choose one thing from your list of ways to get yourself there - and commit to doing it TODAY.

Not tomorrow. Not Monday. Not when you find the time.


What did you choose to put into action today? Join our Authentic Soul Sisterhood and post on the video titled "Fuck New Year's Resolutions". 

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