Monday to Friday Happiness

This article from FinerMinds provides some fantastic ideas you can focus on from Monday to Friday, along with great action steps. It also reminds us that when you're struggling to find your happiness, you're not alone. Learning small, daily habits can completely transform your mindset - and lead you to the internal happiness you deserve. Try these action steps for a week, and see how you feel. If you want to continue the conversation, get in touch with me for your free breakthrough call!

Photo by:  Matt Henry

Photo by: Matt Henry

Do you struggle to be “happy” from day-to-day?

The good news is there is nothing wrong with you. Most likely you just don’t know how to be happy.

But it doesn’t need to be a struggle, as there are many small and easy things you can do each day to lift your mood, which can produce significant results – literally in a few days.

1) Monday: Overcome the Monday Blues

Do you wake up every Monday morning with the same nasty feeling?

Reverse this by starting your morning visualizing the day in front of you. Think only about having positive results. For example, visualize that you will get to work on time, that a project you’ve been working on will be approved, and that someone will praise you.

This will shift your attitude to expect positive things, helping you to feel much better. What’s more, people will feel your new attitude and will start to react in a similar way, since by changing yourself, you will change the people around you.

ACTION STEP: Visualize positive outcomes of the day in front of you. Do this for at least five minutes in the morning while you’re still in your bed, or as you’re getting ready. Continue this for the next 30 days and you’ll feel a noticeable shift in both your internal and external worlds.

When will you know you’ve really succeeded? When you wake up Monday morning and jump out of bed feeling happy and excited about the day!

2) Tuesday: Stop Complaining

Do you complain from time-to-time?

Make a fresh start by giving up this vice. It’s easy to complain about everything and everybody, especially when we have somebody else to blame (i.e., the government, our spouse, our co-workers, etc).

Once you stop complaining about the world, you’ll start to notice that there are actually plenty of things to be happy about.

ACTION STEP: Write down on a piece of paper five things you complain about the most. Each time you recall one of those five things and get the urge to complain about it, shift your focus by thinking about something that makes you smile.

How will you know when you’ve succeeded? When you don't complain about those things anymore!

3) Wednesday: Reward Yourself

Do you value your achievements? Or do you take them for granted?

Start rewarding yourself for your achievements by giving yourself rewards that match the level of achievement.

We tend to spend so much time punishing ourselves for the things we do wrong, therefore, make a conscious effort to switch this thought process around by rewarding yourself for all the good that you do.

ACTION STEP: Every evening, think about something you achieved that day. If you achieved something, plan how you will reward yourself in a nurturing way, and organize this reward as soon as you can.

How will you know when you’ve succeeded? When you notice that you’re rewarding yourself practically everyday.

4) Thursday: Praise Others

Do you feel better when someone praises you?

Well, we all do.

When someone praises you for your efforts, you immediately feel better and often want to say similar words in return to make them feel appreciated too.

It’s one of our deep-rooted human behaviors, but can also be seen in the animal kingdom too. For example, when continual praise is given to a customs search dog, they start to repeat the same action so they receive praise again.

ACTION STEP: Every day for a week, praise at least three other people for what they do well. It can be to the person serving you coffee in the morning, a colleague, a friend, etc. The only condition being is that it must be sincere and come deep from your heart. Otherwise, others will feel your insincerity, and you too will receive nothing.

How will you know when you’ve succeeded? When giving and receiving praise becomes part of your day, everyday.

5) Friday: Write Down Your Happiness Goals

People are happy precisely to the extent to which they want to be happy.” Abraham Lincoln

ACTION STEP: Take a piece of paper and write down in one sentence precisely how happy you want to be. Do you want to be the person that walks into the room feeling happy and confident? Write it down and start living it.

How will you know when you’ve achieved these goals? When you start living the life of your dreams.