Food Shaming


SHAME! I want to address something that I had an epiphany about earlier this year. The shame that people (including myself) place around food. I was watching a video and the woman was talking about our relationships with food - and she asked us to consider the feelings we have around food. That is when it hit me like a truck - SHAME and GUILT were the two main feelings I had associated with food for as long as I can remember. 

And I'm not the only one - there were muffins in the kitchen at my office, and three separate people walked in and made a comment about how they wanted one, but they shouldn't have one because they're watching their weight... that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is SHAME in disguise. Your mind is shaming you for wanting something you know isn't the healthiest of choices. But in moderation, there's no reason why you can't have a damn muffin every once in a while!

Through becoming more self-aware, and acknowledging my struggle with weight and body image, I noticed whenever I ate something, I subconsciously judged myself. When I wanted to treat myself, I typically had the urge to sneak it or hide the evidence, so people didn't judge me - but what I realized is that I was the one judging myself - and feeling shameful! I told myself I "shouldn't" be eating that, or that I didn't "earn" it... umm, last time I checked, I'm not a dog - I don't do tricks for food, so why do I feel like I need to earn a treat - or that I'm not ALLOWED to have something? Why did I associate shame and guilt with food? 

That's what I set out to uncover! Since I had that revelation, I wanted to learn what was behind these thoughts and these feelings, so I could educate myself, set my mind straight, and improve my relationship with food. 

Considering the fact that I eat healthy about 70% of the time, I should have been congratulating myself - but instead, my mind focused on the bad - a very common human tendency. Picking yourself apart, and putting yourself down seems to be the instincts we feel - and that is because it's been our inner dialog for a really long time...

BUT that doesn't mean we can't change it. And I work on that every single day. We need to be our own biggest cheerleader - because if you don't love yourself, how can you give your best self to those you love? When you're a happier, healthier person - mind, body, and soul - you make your own life better, and also the lives of those around you. And everyone deserves to be happy. Yes, even you!