You Can't Hold Me Back

I've been rockin' and rollin' in my coaching business; helping women work towards their goals, feeling productive, accomplished, and excited for my new ideas - it felt like smooth sailing. I was sending gratitude out into the Universe and letting it know that I am empowered woman, on a mission to change lives! I was feeling unstoppable!

Then yesterday while I was getting ready in the morning, a string of annoying events happened all at once that made me want to scream - my dog chewed the handle of the screwdriver we left out from putting together my office desk the night before, my other dog was barking to be let inside, even though he had literally just been whining to go out, I was having a hot flash and feeling uncomfortably clammy (early menopause?!) - and for those of you who have hot flashes, you know that they also somehow make you instantly irritable - so when I glanced in the closet and realized I had a HUGE pile of laundry that needed to be tackled (make that 6 piles, once sorted...) I was pissed off (even though I had let it pile up, so obviously I knew future Amanda would have to deal with it at some point... future Amanda was not impressed with past Amanda), and blah, blah, blah, you get the point.

It felt like I was being challenged that morning - that "nothing" was going right, and everything was frustrating me. I literally got to the point where I stopped mid-stride in my dining room and yelled out, "YOU CAN TEST ME ALL YOU WANT, UNIVERSE! YOU CAN'T HOLD ME BACK BECAUSE I WANT THIS TOO MUCH!"

Photo Source: Ritinha Corain

Photo Source: Ritinha Corain

Then I had to laugh at myself. I can't even count the number of times I've read in books and heard on podcasts that when you're headed in the right direction - and feeling good about working hard to accomplish your goals - the Universe will test you, to really make sure you want it bad enough that you'll push through whatever bullshit gets in your way. And here I was - experiencing just that. I felt like it was just a small test - seeing if I would keep pushing forward and work hard that day - or if I would decide to have an on-going shitty day just because my morning was annoying.

Instead of staying in the zone of frustration, I chose to move past it. And it literally is that simple. YOU choose how your day goes, not the circumstances around you. YOU control your reaction to those frustrating waves within your smooth sailing days. And the sooner you take responsibility and own that, the easier your life gets.

Don't let a bad morning ruin your whole day. Rise above, and show up for yourself - proving that you REALLY want to accomplish your goals. You can't be held back. Unless you choose to be.