Get Out of Overwhelm

So. Much. Shit. To. Do.

… or so you tell yourself.

Yes, you may very well have a long to-do list – especially with the new year upon us.

But how much of what’s on your list truly adds VALUE to your life?

Are there some things on your list that are just there because you think you’re SUPPOSED TO do them? 

I’m willing to bet there is.

And what would happen if you just decided to NOT do them?

To simply cross them off your list, without actually doing them?

Nothing. That’s what.

Nothing would happen if you decided to take some shit off your plate, that doesn’t actually serve you, or bring value to your life.

Well, actually – something would happen.

You would get yourself out of overwhelm!

You see, overwhelm is just a feeling that we allow ourselves to feel, caused by the thoughts we’re thinking.

If we change our thoughts – we change our feelings – and that means we can get ourselves out of overwhelm sooner than anticipated.

That's right.

You are in control of your overwhelm.

So why are you choosing to feel this emotion?

Why are you choosing to think thoughts that overwhelm you?

Don't worry - I don't expect you to answer that right off the bat.

Our coaching sessions together will help you answer that.

But in the meantime, you can deal with your to do list to make it more manageable for you.

Here's how:

Clear the clutter

Clearing the clutter allows you to set your conditions for success and clear out potential roadblocks.

This is not only the physical clutter within your home, office or the other spaces around you, but it also includes the clutter on your to do list - and even in your calendar!

  1. Scan your home, office and spaced around you. Do you see physical clutter that's literally just taking up space, that you no longer need? Box it up and donate that shit, woman! Get it out of your face. Seeing physical clutter triggers thoughts of overwhelm.

  2. Review your to do list. What is on that list that doesn't REALLY need to happen - whether it can wait until you don't have so much going on, or whether you can scratch it off the list for good.

  3. Revisit your day planner agenda. When it comes to your calendar of upcoming events, what activities are on there that you're not really looking forward to? Did you just say yes to that event because you felt you should? Cross it out and decline the invitation. You don't owe anything to anyone, if it doesn't serve you.

Take a sigh of relief - you just helped get yourself out of overwhelm.