Community Over Competition

Women can be bitches to each other. For some reason, we feel the need to compare ourselves to each other, and if we feel threatened in any way (by a story we tell ourselves), we find anything about the other person that we can put down, in the hopes of lifting ourselves up in the process. But the problem with that is people who are judgmental have their own baggage that stems from, so it doesn't really make them feel better in the long run. Plus, what's the point?!

Through coaching, one of my goals is to help women understand how uniquely amazing they are. Each of us are special in our own way - and that's why there's no point in competing with one another. We are all unicorns! I could be standing beside another Life and Wellness Coach, who is also offering great programs for female entrepreneurs to create work / life balance for themselves - but it's our unique personalities that will attract clients to each of us. Some may choose to work with me, and some may choose to work with her - but we can still still support and encourage each other along the way in building our businesses! 

Photo by  Omar Lopez

Photo by Omar Lopez

The sisterhood that is created between like-minded women is one of the most powerfully beautiful things I have ever seen. Together, we can help a fellow sister - or Authentic Soul Sister, as I like to call them - go from having a shitty experience, to realizing she has a whole community of ladies happy to support and encourage her. Her tribe is there to inspire her - through happy times and sad times (because we all know life isn't always sunshine and rainbows). 

Putting community over competition is so important for your own personal development. If you don't have your own tribe - or even if you do, and are looking to add to it - you're welcome to join our Authentic Soul Sisters private Facebook group; it's a safe place for badass women like you, who want a connection to positivity and a strong and supportive sisterhood. 

When we choose to love each other, and come from a place of kindness and service, we are creating an unbreakable bond of empowered women - who, together, are unstoppable!