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Get Out of the Hustle & Give In to the Flow

The best thing I ever did for my business was to stop. fucking. hustling.

I went from forcing myself to work in my home office from 9am - 5pm (damn you, corporate mentality), to instead working from ANYWHERE and ANY TIME I damn well pleased.

When I first started my coaching business, I thought that I actually WANTED to work those typical hours. 

I even wrote about it in a past blog.

But what I realized was that I just still had the corporate mentality ingrained in my head.

"If you're not working nine to five, then you're not working hard enough." - Society 

What a load of bullshit.

I found back then that if I wasn't physically in my home office for most of the day, then I actually felt GUILTY that I wasn't working hard enough.

So I plugged away on the "busy work"; creating programs that weren't in alignment (and I never even used), building colour-coded spreadsheets of what a full schedule would look like one day (spoiler alert: it can look however you want, without a pretty little spreadsheet), and essentially just wasting time with shit I didn't actually need to be doing.

As long as I was in my office all day, I felt like I was accomplishing something.

And I also felt like I had to respond to every social media post and private message immediately.

I laugh at that now.

But that's the trap of having worked in corporate for so long.

You think the hustle is "normal".

You think that defines you as a business owner.

But then I started working with coaches who thought outside the box.

I was introduced to a new way to running my business.

Intuitive flow.

And holy shit, let me tell you, THAT'S when everything changed in my business.

Photo by  Yasin Hoşgör  

Photo by Yasin Hoşgör 

Instead of chaining myself to my desk (which is one of the exact reasons I had left corporate to begin with)...

I started going out and DOING things.

Getting a massage in the middle of the day.

Paddle boarding and hanging out on the beach with a friend.

Going for walks in nature.

And wouldn't you know - all of a sudden ideas started to flow!

Content creation became easy.

Increasing my prices became easy.

Signing $5K clients became easy.

All because I was giving in to my intuitive flow.

And telling the hustle to take a hike.

As soon as I started trusting in the Universe - and watching it so clearly provide - building my business became so. friggin'. easy.

Almost too easy.

Not gonna lie - there were times I'd find myself questioning whether this was too good to be true.

But here I am, consistently growing my empire.

Using intuitive flow.

It actually feels like I've discovered the secret of the Universe.

But it's meant for EVERYONE to know about it!

So I do my part in spreading the word.

I tell everyone I can.

Because the hustle can really suck.

It's draining.

It's stressful.

And it doesn't have to be that way!

I challenge you to run your business through intuitive flow even just for a single month.

You'll be amazed at what happens for you.

When you get out of the hustle, and give in to the flow.

If you want help connecting with your intuitive flow, book a free Bold Action Enrollment Call today.

Let's get you leveling up in life and business!



The Power of Suggestion

Today I stood in front of the mirror.

Completely naked.

I looked at myself.

I slightly twisted my body to pose in positions that smoothed out those places that had a little extra "padding".

And I was okay with my body.

In fact, I actually smiled.

I found this quite interesting.

Because yesterday morning, I had looked at my body and been disappointed about those areas that weren't shaped exactly how I wanted them to be.

Yesterday, I was fearful about going to a friend's cottage next weekend, because I thought about being in a bathing suit and looking "gross".

Yesterday, I had slightly twisted my body into positions that smoothed out those places that had a little extra padding too.

But instead of smiling, like I did this morning...

Yesterday, I had actually said "ugh" out loud.

Yesterday, I had turned away from the mirror in shame.

So, what the hell happened in just 24 hours that caused such a difference - to create two opposite reactions?

Photo by  

Photo by 

The power of suggestion.

Yesterday afternoon, I had a session with my coach, Tina Mai, and to my surprise, part of my homework was to look in the mirror and appreciate my body, and all it does for me.

And to pose in positions of how I want my future self to look.

Not gonna lie, it kinda blew my mind that I had randomly done mirror work yesterday morning, because it was before Tina had even assigned the task to me.

And while yes, yesterday I had chosen to focus on the negative parts of my body, none the less, I had studied it in the mirror - which is something I rarely do.

So this morning, I took her suggestion to heart.

I looked in the mirror and instead of seeing my "faults"...

Today, I saw a stomach that somehow looked flatter.

Today, I saw that my "back fat" wasn't actually as bad as I had thought it was yesterday.

Today, I saw poised shoulders.

Today, I saw my beautiful tattoos.

Today, I saw hips that curved and added shape to my body.

Today, I saw two strong legs that support me every day.

(Sidenote: I had recently listened to a podcast where a woman talked about losing both her legs to a random infection, so I appreciated my legs even more this morning.)

And the trick of this assignment is that...

It's a bit of a mind fuck.

Because after I took in all the amazingness of my body - and felt appreciation for it carrying me through life, day in and day out...

I spent almost zero time slightly twisting my body into what I want it to look like in the future.

I smiled at my reflection in the mirror almost immediately after doing a few quick poses.

All I felt was love.

Not disappointment.

Not fear.

Not being gross.

Not saying "ugh".

Not feeling shame.

I was content with my body.

I was okay with the shell my soul lives in.

And while I still have goals to make myself healthier...

They're now coming from a place of love.

They're coming from a place of gratitude for what I already have.

And a desire to consistently enhance the badassery of me.

Mind. Body. Soul.

All this, from a simple homework assignment from my coach.

So I offer you the opportunity to look in the mirror.

And appreciate what you see.

Look for the beauty.

And feel love.

The power of suggestion...

What an amazing mindset shift.



5 Steps to Jump-start Your Resolutions (We're Not Waiting Until January)

If you're part of our Authentic Soul Sisterhood group on Facebook, you've watched my video titled "Fuck New Year's Resolutions" (if you're NOT a member yet - what are you waiting for, jump in the group - we'd love to have you).

Why am I saying "fuck New Year's resolutions"? But they're so great - they give new opportunities! NO - I say it because WE'RE NOT WAITING UNTIL JANUARY to start working towards what we want! 

Photo by:  Nicolas Tissot

Photo by: Nicolas Tissot

I used to think January 1st represented the perfect time for a fresh start; to start over; to start something new; to quit a shitty habit; to ditch something that wasn't of value - a clean slate.

But the truth is: we can create that fresh start at any moment.

Literally. Any. Moment.

It's a choice. You simply make up your mind. And you commit to it.

So I ask you, have you been considering a New Year's resolution? 

Maybe to build your business? To feel better more often? To lose those last 10 pounds? To "get your shit together"?

I issue you a challenge to start TODAY to work towards those goals. 

We're not waiting until January to give ourselves permission for a new beginning. 

We're starting it right here. Right now.

And here's 5 steps to get you started:

  1. Take away all your distractions; shut down your computer, put your phone in another room, turn off the TV, move to a room where you're in your own space.
  2. Open your journal and write these three things; one at the top of each page, so you have a whole page to free-flow on each question:
    1. What is the most important goal I commit to, to bring more value to my life?
    2. When will I achieve this goal?
    3. How will I get myself there?
  3. When you consider the goal you are committing to, think about WHY you want to achieve this goal. What will having that outcome to for you? How will it bring value to your life? How will you know when you've accomplished it? What will be different for you? Who will be positively affected by you conquering your goal? How will you feel about yourself when you reach your goal?
  4. When you put a timeline to your goal for when to achieve it, be realistic. This is about getting curious - not placing judgement on yourself. What do you feel is a realistic timeline for you to accomplish your goal? Then, if you want to challenge yourself a little further, decide on a best case scenario timeline, that has you completing your goal ahead of your original schedule. This can provide encouragement along the way to choose whether you want to step up your game.
  5. Finally, how will you get yourself there? This step is the hardest, but it's important you don't skip it. List at least 10 ways you can contribute towards reaching your goal. If you want to get really serious with yourself, list at least 25 ways you can get yourself to where you want to be. Nothing is off limits. Don't worry about "how you'll do the how", just compile your list and let the ideas flow. This gives you a major leg up, because if you try one thing from your list and it doesn't work, you have at least nine other ways to make it happen!

Once you've finished the above activity, choose one thing from your list of ways to get yourself there - and commit to doing it TODAY.

Not tomorrow. Not Monday. Not when you find the time.


What did you choose to put into action today? Join our Authentic Soul Sisterhood and post on the video titled "Fuck New Year's Resolutions". 

If you need some support, accountability and a tough-love kick in the ass, that's what I'm here for! Click here to schedule your FREE Discovery Call. Let's get you where you want to be!