Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect.jpg

Hi, my name is Amanda and I'm a perfectionist.

Well, a recovering perfectionist, really. 

And believe it or not, the recovery began when I started my own coaching business.

It didn't take long before I realized that my business is not a place for perfectionism.

When I tried to make everything perfect, it stressed me out.

It felt overwhelming.

I felt anxious.

When I tried to make everything perfect, the fun was sucked out of it.

So I decided to say "fuck it" (a reoccurring theme, you may have noticed), and started to share messages that came from the heart, rather than content that was polished and professional.

And guess what happened?

You love it!

You relate to me more.

You know I understand what you're going through.

You trust me, because I've been there too.

All you need is someone a couple steps ahead of you.

All you need is a mentor who is authentic.

Someone real.

Not some put-together bullshit professional content that makes you roll your eyes.

You like real life stories.

You like knowing you're not alone.

You like being coached by someone who gets it.

And how cool is it that by being my perfectly imperfect self, I'm helping to change lives.

And you're turning around and doing the same.

A beautiful butterfly effect.

All because I decided to get real.

To get raw.

To show up as myself.

To believe in myself.

And to help you do the same.

It's time, ladies.

It's time to drop the perfectionist act.

We're only doing it out of fear of what other people think of us.

And we all know the truth about that crap.

The judgment of others is merely a projection of their own inner struggles.

Wouldn't it feel amazing to be yourself in this world?

To cut the bullshit and truly show up as who you are.

Who you really are.

To live the life you want.

To build the business you dream of.

To experience the freedom of living through your authentic soul.

It's time.

Let's unleash that fearless fempreneur inside of you!

Because shit just got real.

You just felt that flicker of inspiration.

There's no turning back now.

It's time.

It's your time.

So step up and become who you know you are.

Live free.

Be yourself.

It's such an amazing feeling.

And you deserve it.