You Define Who You Are

Today's blog is inspired by a quote from Brooke Castillo, founder of The Life Coach School. Like me, Brooke strives to empower people to honour themselves and live with purpose. One of my goals as a coach is to help women appreciate who they are, what they're capable of, and to step into their dreams and turn them into reality. I give you the tools to become self-aware and realize that YOU define who you are - not society's beliefs, not what your family or friends tell you, and not confining yourself to the limitations whispered by your inner-critic. Here are the words Brooke said:

"You get to define who you are. Who you are depends on what you think about yourself. You get to decide who you want to be."

So. Much. Truth. 

That might sound like a total mindfuck for those of you who have never stopped to consider this concept. And to that, I say: GOOD! Sometimes that's exactly what it takes to wake us up to opportunity! A jolt of truth that knocks us on our ass and makes us question everything we thought we knew is typically the catalyst for a new beginning - a new way of living.

Photo by  Daniel Apodaca

You can read this and let it pass through you, making excuses like "it's not that easy", "you don't understand", or "that might work for other people, but not for me" - you can choose to be the victim. And you'll stay exactly where you are; not being true to yourself.

Or, you can choose to accept this as your new truth. An awakening of your soul. An opportunity to see the world with your eyes wide open - soaking in self-awareness. Moving yourself forward towards your goals and the life you actually want to be living. Finally.

You are in control. You choose your own actions. You choose your reactions. You can take responsibility of your life. You define who you are.

So I ask you, what do you think about yourself? Who are you deciding to be?