I Didn't Know What I Was Missing

I made a discovery recently.

This discovery has to do with something I had no idea I was even missing out on.

Something I assumed I didn't really need in my life.

Something that never really came naturally to me.

The discovery was...

Friendships with other women are empowering as fuck!

You'd never know from this photo that we had just met that night, because we became instant besties! Sarah, Stephanie, Ana and Morgan - you ladies are amazing!

You'd never know from this photo that we had just met that night, because we became instant besties! Sarah, Stephanie, Ana and Morgan - you ladies are amazing!

You may be wondering why I said I didn't think I needed these friendships in my life, or how they never really came naturally to me.

The reason why I didn't think I needed friendships with other women is simply because I've never really had a strong core group of women in my life (outside of my amazing family) that were always supportive and encouraging, while still being honest and authentic.

So to me, it was just my norm to only have one or two awesome friends, without thinking much of it.

The reason why it never really came naturally to me is because I've always been "one of the boys". 

I've always gotten along better with the guys - but here's the kicker...

It's not because I like guy friends better than girl friends.

It's because I have zero tolerance for bullshit, bitchiness and mood swings.

And guys really don't embody those qualities often, so I found myself enjoying the ease of their friendships much more than than back-stabbing high school BS that girls do to each other.

That was, until I realized I had the ability to surround myself with women who are like-minded.

Women who aren't catty.

Women who don't talk shit.

Women who empower you.

Women who inspire you.

Women who are just good fucking people to be around.

I didn't know what I was missing.

But now I'm experiencing friendships with so many amazing women, who are doing incredible things, and wanting the best for themselves - while also wanting the best for me too!

I've met women who come from a place of understanding that we can ALL live our ideal lives, because we know there is enough abundance for everyone.

Having friendships with women who are kind-hearted, soul-centered people is such a game changer!

Their feminine energy is a completely positive experience for me now, and has replaced my previous thinking that friendships with women are mostly draining drama.

They've inspired me to get in touch with my own feminine energy, which has opened up a whole new realm of myself that I barely even knew existed, haha.

And - despite the fact that I'll always (proudly) be a little rough around the edges - I can finally say that I enjoy being one of the girls, instead of one of the guys.


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Community Over Competition

Women can be bitches to each other. For some reason, we feel the need to compare ourselves to each other, and if we feel threatened in any way (by a story we tell ourselves), we find anything about the other person that we can put down, in the hopes of lifting ourselves up in the process. But the problem with that is people who are judgmental have their own baggage that stems from, so it doesn't really make them feel better in the long run. Plus, what's the point?!

Through coaching, one of my goals is to help women understand how uniquely amazing they are. Each of us are special in our own way - and that's why there's no point in competing with one another. We are all unicorns! I could be standing beside another Life and Wellness Coach, who is also offering great programs for female entrepreneurs to create work / life balance for themselves - but it's our unique personalities that will attract clients to each of us. Some may choose to work with me, and some may choose to work with her - but we can still still support and encourage each other along the way in building our businesses! 

Photo by  Omar Lopez

Photo by Omar Lopez

The sisterhood that is created between like-minded women is one of the most powerfully beautiful things I have ever seen. Together, we can help a fellow sister - or Authentic Soul Sister, as I like to call them - go from having a shitty experience, to realizing she has a whole community of ladies happy to support and encourage her. Her tribe is there to inspire her - through happy times and sad times (because we all know life isn't always sunshine and rainbows). 

Putting community over competition is so important for your own personal development. If you don't have your own tribe - or even if you do, and are looking to add to it - you're welcome to join our Authentic Soul Sisters private Facebook group; it's a safe place for badass women like you, who want a connection to positivity and a strong and supportive sisterhood. 

When we choose to love each other, and come from a place of kindness and service, we are creating an unbreakable bond of empowered women - who, together, are unstoppable!



Housework is Women’s Work


Do I have your attention? Ha! What’s your reaction when you read that title; did you think “yes, that’s true”, or maybe “umm, what the hell did you just say”, or maybe “yeah, that’s what my husband says”? The fact of the matter is, many people still do believe that housework is women’s work.

And before we go blaming men for this being the case (although don’t get me wrong, they certainly help perpetuate the belief), I’d say it’s actually us – women – who are keeping this trend alive. Think about it – what’s the first thing we say if a friend stops in expectantly and our home is in a less than ideal state; “sorry about the mess… I haven’t had the time to clean yet… Sunday is usually my housework day”.

We feel so guilty when our house is in disarray – but when’s the last time your husband gave a shit about what the house looked like? He doesn’t. Maybe because he knows we’ll take care of everything if he leaves it long enough – but also maybe because he literally doesn’t care because in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world. But we think it is. As women, for some reason we feel like we’re somehow failing if our home isn’t spotless. We say sorry to our guests if one thing is out of place – but are we actually sorry?

I mean, sure, I love a clean house – but is it really realistic to keep our home clean all the damn time?! Not in my eyes – especially when you own two dogs and two cats! My husband or I will vacuum, then sure as shit, we turn around and somehow see a fluff ball tumbleweed roll by – HOW?!

So, I’m going to start the trend of honesty and just admit it right now: I’M NOT SORRY FOR MY MESSY HOUSE!

I’ve realized that the only reason I actually care about it is because I feel like people are judging me – but truly, if my friends are going to judge me for having some dog hair on the floor (… and the couches, and the coffee table… and pretty much everywhere else), then they’re not really the type of people that will likely stick around in my life anyway, haha! Seriously though, real friends don’t give a shit if your house isn’t sparkling clean – they’re going to love you anyway.

So today, I declare that I’m not sorry for choosing to do better things with my time than keeping my home spotless all the time. And you don’t have to be sorry about it either. It’s not our job, as women, to keep the house clean; it’s a communal effort. Let’s just let housework be EVERYONE’S work – whoever is willing to bust out the vacuum, or dust the coffee table, or fill up the dishwasher – and not put it all on our own shoulders.

Maybe one day we’ll be lucky enough to afford Molly Maid to come clean for us. But until then, I’ll just refrain from wearing black if I’ll be sitting on the couch, and I’ll keep a lint roller by every exit in our home.