Roadmap - Retreat.jpg

- September 2018 -

Unleashed & uncensored:
Building the Foundational Roadmap to Create Your Laptop Lifestyle

Saturday, September 22nd & Sunday, September 23rd
Guelph, Ontario, Canada

You can SEE the epic adventures of traveling the world!
(Instead of pretending you're cool with just having a stay-cation.)

You can SMELL the ocean as you lay on the beach in the warm sand, basking in the sun!
(Instead of sitting in your backyard, in a kiddie pool.)

You can TASTE those delicious tropical draaanks - you know what I'm talking about - the ones being served to you off a silver platter in a fresh cut pineapple with a tiny umbrella!
(Instead of having to get up and make your own drink, like a sucker.)

You can TOUCH anything you damn well please in any store you want - because looking at price tags are a thing of the past.
(Instead of heading straight for the bargain bin at Target.)

You can HEAR your soul telling you: THIS IS WHAT IS WAITING FOR YOU.
(Instead of listening to that shit voice in your head and doubting yourself.)

This laptop lifestyle is already yours.

It's on its way to you right now.

So it's time to simply connect your ENERGY and VISION to build your friggin’ empire!

  • Learn how to use your INTUITION to make running your business a BREEZE.

  • Learn how to BALANCE your masculine and feminine energy to feel more ENERGIZED throughout the day.

  • Learn WHO you truly are (not as “wife”, “mom”, or “boss” – but as YOU), and how to add AUTHENTICITY to your brand.

  • Learn how to determine the TONE of your brand, and how it relates to your VALUES.

  • Learn how to get super ALIGNED with your main message and how to effectively SHARE it with the world.

  • Learn how to call in your SOULMATE clients and actually ENJOY who you work with.

  • Learn how to ENHANCE your communication skills, so your client's EXPERIENCE is on point.

  • Learn how to create CONSISTENT $5K+ months, so you can RELAX and stop worrying about money.


  • Three amazing high-vibe coaches (plus exclusive freebies)

  • Ridiculously value-packed content to get you groovin'

  • A smoothie station to energize you

  • Family style lunch (because at this point, we're basically family)

  • Restorative yoga flow session (complete with a mini massage to bring your zen to the next level)

plus, get your VIP UPGRADE:

  • A luxury room at a boutique hotel

  • Casual group dinner together

  • An inner circle group coaching session (in our PJs at the hotel #BraOptional)

  • An intimate sisterhood of total Badass Lady Bosses

  • PLUS SUPRISE BONUSES (hey, I can't give away ALL the fun yet, right?!)

quite honestly, the sisterhood itself is worth every penny.

Simplify your overall strategy, so you can:

  • Stop doing unnecessary BS busy work

  • Stop feeling stressed out and overwhelmed

  • Stop getting caught up in the “how”, and just DO IT instead

Essentially, LEVEL THE FUCK UP while being supported by an AMAZING SISTERHOOD of epic lady bosses like you!

No more fucking around.

It's time to get real.

You know you want this for yourself.

So come and get it.