Soul Coach in Pocket.jpg

You just wanna dip your toe in the whole hiring-a-mentor thing, before plunging all in.

It can be scary. I get it.

So, how about having the luxury of an epic coach in your pocket, whenever you need me, for a short commitment to yourself of just 21 days?

During this program, you'll discover the reassurance you're looking for to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to get results!

  • One-on-one private mentoring.

  • 45 minute deep-dive session to establish your goals and areas of opportunity.

  • Plus 21 days of voice message support through Voxer, making it super easy to get insight and advice on the spot, instead of having to wait for a scheduled session.

  • Intensive bold action steps given to get you "unstuck".

Let's get you moving, woman!